Don Burnette
Insurance Agency

About Me...

Who I Am
I live in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. I'm a self-employed independent agent who knows the frustrations involved in shopping for affordable health insurance.

After graduating from Edinboro University in 1966 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, I interviewed with a number of insurance companies. I received my insurance license in 1966. In the beginning, I chose one prominent insurance company to deal with. After being in the business for a couple of years, I found out that just one insurance company could not offer everything to every person. I made the decision to become an insurance broker, representing as many companies as necessary to provide insurance products for my clients.

I am licensed to sell life, health and group products. I have taken numerous courses over the years to keep updated on what's new and how the products are offered. I specialize in health products. I represent several insurance companies in Pennsylvania and Ohio and can compare and contrast several policies and rates.

Serving Your Needs
I can also offer advice on how to find the right health insurance coverage for you or your family. Shopping for insurance can be difficult and time-consuming. Just finding a list of all the insurance companies who offer individual and family coverage in Pennsylvania and Ohio is daunting. You can find comparisons for most products either on-line or in magazines, however, there is no resource for comparing health insurances. This forces customers to contact each individual company in order to compare quotes and policies. I can provide you with the information that will make shopping for insurance that much easier.

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